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Flexible and Innovative Solutions

88K is known for innovative and creative strategies to provide the most economical solution for the client.

Full Turnkey Solutions

88K provides full turnkey solutions for  transport, storage and regas, + optional LNG sourcing and project financing

Fast Implementation Time

To ensure a short payback period for investors, 88K is capable to implement the solutions within 6 to 12 months.

20+ Years of LNG Experience

About Us

88K has a patented technology that allows the storage and transportation of small- to medium-scale LNG, thereby accessing markets efficiently that were not deemed possible prior to this technology. 88K is THE partner along the entire LNG downstream solution, known for their innovative, flexible, and scalable solutions with a unique LNG Virtual Pipeline Solution as a central element. Through proven, reliable and widely used technology as well as an agile and lean structure, 88K executes the projects according to the clients’ requirements. 88K has re-engineered and re-designed numerous aspects of LNG downstream applications and solutions to optimize the overall efficiency of the system.

What is LNG?

Liquefied Natural Gas

Liquefied Natural Gas is natural gas that has been cooled down to  liquid form at approximately -163°C for ease and safety of non-pressurized storage or transport. It is roughly 1/600th the volume of natural gas and it is odorless, non-toxic and non-corrosive. LNG is an excellent alternative to liquid fuel oil (i.e. diesel, HFO) providing both cost and emissions savings. The primary applications for LNG is for power plants, industrial applications, mining and fuel stations etc. The below chart shows the average savings of LNG compared to Diesel:

LNG Cost Savings vs. Diesel
CO2 Emissions Saving
LNG vs Diesel Particulate Matter Savings

88K Services

Responsible for tailor made solutions along the entire LNG downstream value chain

88K as your technical LNG / LPG partner to implement the full turnkey solution for small to medium LNG / LPG applications, including the choice of equipment as well as the production and manufacturing of certain components.

A crucial element to ensure the success and feasibility of small scale LNG / LPG projects is to correctly implement the relevant engineering and planning works. 88K has a dedicated engineering team specifically for small to medium scale LNG projects.

Through 88K’s vast network and accessibility to LNG terminals, 88K can assist and arrange the LNG supply for projects ensuring the client receives the best possible structure and pricing.

Provide consultancy and advisory services based on our in depth market knowledge and extensive experience within the LNG / LPG industry.

As market leaders in the entire LNG downstream value chain, 88K utilizes knowledge and data to tailor studies to the reality of LNG solution implementation; adopting a more practical approach as opposed to an academic. The studies can include detailed Feasibility Studies, FEED or country studies.

Through 88K’s capital raising partners, project financing can be arranged if solid payment guarantees are in place from the client.

Project structuring is vital to ensure the smooth operation of all projects. 88K can advise and arrange the structure for the project, to increase the in-country value and transfer the technical knowledge and safety operations to the local people.

Flexible and Innovative Design
Unique Filling System
Vacuum Panel Insulation
6-8 months Lead TIme
Various sizes 250m3 - 5,500m3
Combine Numerous Tanks

88K Technology

Current LNG tank design involves a double walled stainless steel frame with a vulnerable vacuum insulation between the 2 shells, which results in a longer, more complex and cost intensive production process.

88K’s cryogenic tanks involve a single walled stainless steel sheet, surrounded by multiple layers of special vacuum panels for the insulation. On average, this results in 40% less production time and 30% reduction in cost.

88K’s produces the tanks in Germany, however, due to 88K’s unique design and manufacturing process, 88K is also able to build the tanks at the end users site adding significant in-country value to a project.

88K manufactures the LNG cryogenic tanks in various sizes from 40ft. LNG containers to bullet tanks between 250m3-5,500m3.  

Liquefaction Plant

88KPRIME offers liquefaction facilities to convert natural gas to LNG. The skid mounted liquefaction train is flexible and scalable in modules of 200 Metric Tons Per Day (MTPD) which can be combined up to 1,000 MTPD. Together with our sophisticated solutions for storage and transportation Liquefaction Plants often build the initial step to set up an efficient and cost effective virtual pipeline to supply areas with poor infrastructure.

LNG Storage

The cryogenic storage tanks provide sufficient buffer at either the port or the end users site to ensure the regasification facility always receives enough LNG. 88K's tanks are flexible and scalable and can be either mounted on- or off-shore depending on the application.

Floating Storage Unit

An LNG Floating Storage Unit (FSU) with a storage capacity of 60,00-72,000 MT is initially feasible for projects with a minimum power plant capacity of 250 MW. 88K ensures the full turnkey solution including the FSU, regasification facility, bunkering facility and / or truck loading facility to cater for the future LNG growth. 88K's FSU solution is capable of handling the LNG growth with only minor modifications to the infrastructure.


88K offers tailor-made regasification solutions located directly at the clients’ site. 88K's engineers decide the vaporizer technology (fan, water or ambient) depending on the application and location of the client's site. 88K can offer additional services, for example using the cold air produced from the vaporizers to cool storage warehouses or push the cold air into the turbine to increase the efficiency.

Small Scale LNG Carrier

88K's small scale LNG carrier can transport between 1,000 MT - 8,000 MT of LNG. Together with our maritime Partner, Damen Shipyards, 88K will build the cryogenic tanks and Damen the vessel which will be tailored and manufactured on a project basis.

LNG Transportation

The 40ft. LNG container can be transported on either flatbed trucks or on the wagon of the railway to travel land inwards to reach the end users site. 88K's cryogenic tank is both railway and road certified.

LCNG Fuel Station

Liquefied to Compressed Natural Gas (LCNG) fuel stations are an alternative to petrol based fuel stations. Car and Trucks are responsible for a huge amount of CO2 and particulate matters. The substitution of diesel with natural gas improves the environmental situation significantly. 88K provides a full turnkey containerized LCNG fuel station including the storage tank, dispenser and payment system. The fuel station has the option to fuel cars / buses with CNG and trucks with LNG.

LPG Solutions

88K's LPG solution includes the full turnkey solution for the containerized decentralized LPG bottle filling stations which includes the LPG containers for transportation, LPG composite bottles, as well as a smart tag and track software system. If required the LPG bottle filling station can also be a mobile station mounted on a truck to deliver filling options at various villages. LPG is a cleaner and safer alternative with no health risks compared to burning firewood or paraffin for cooking.

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LPG Solutions
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